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The New Standard
in Covert Surveillance

Create a "Force Multiplier" in your agency by adding advanced, yet affordable, video cameras that see, record and alert your public agencies of activities that require their attention.

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Let Our Ecosystem Take Your Investigations to Higher Grounds

Having good intelligence leads to

better decision making and solid convictions.  Smart Body Wire Technologies is a 21st century purveyor of advanced, ecosystem centric platforms that enhance situational awareness and digital evidence gathering for the public safety and law enforcement sectors. 

Unleash the power of AI

Powerful artificial intelligence - centric, central monitoring solution that allows local and remote recording and sharing of video, GPS, etc.

Versatility in Application

Covert or Overt Concealment's that afford "hide in plain sight" stations

the can be re-positioned at will.

Multi Mission Approach

We take a multi-mission approach to building and packaging our systems that offer your the ability to use the solutions for surveillance, tactical and incident management operations.

Full Customer Experience Service

We understand that the mission is critical. We offer 3 levels of support that include 365 on-boarding, training, and support. Utilize Live chat, text, or telephone support.

To catch 21st century criminals,
you'll need 21st century technologies. 


We integrate the most advanced tools and technologies on the market today, and others that are positioned to become the next standard in the future. To catch 21st century criminals, you'll need 21st century technologies. 


Up until now, you've had to settle for video monitoring software designed for loss prevention, parking lots or gambling casinos.  Now you have the flexibility to use your equipment for  law enforcement surveillance, tactical and incident management operations.


In almost all cases our solutions eliminate the monthly or annual software renewal fees! Our mission is to make our platforms available to a law enforcement agency of any size without price being a barrier.

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to Transform Your Investigations?

Task forces have diverse needs when monitoring  surveillance operation. But every team member needs something that is smart enough to capture critical video evidence, while alerting them in real time for remote monitoring. Enter Smart Body Wire Technologies, the cop simple monitoring ecosystem.

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